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Chattanooga, Tn

Chattanooga is where it all began! Pete's real estate career took off in this city as a realtor. For all past clients looking to buy or sell, don't worry- We still cover our hometown and will always take care of our past clients and new clients looking to save thousands of dollars by listing their home with us! That's correct. We still offer 4.5% vs. the full 6% realtor commission. 
Our area here in Chattanooga has been mentioned in Forbes, NY Times and many others as "Best of". 
From hang gliding, historical locations and sightings, hiking & biking trails to the outstanding amount of restraunts and must-try eaterys, restraunts and botiques, Chattanooga has something to appease everyone. 
One of the greatest things about this city is that  it encourages being outside and enjoying the simpler things. On a beautiful day downtown, you will see families having picnics, flying kites, playing kickball, laying in a hammock, riding bikes, having a romantic meal by the water, kayakers, kids (and some adults) sliding down the notorious renaissance park hill on top of a box (yes, that is actually a thing here and it's a hit) and enjoying the little (but oh-so important) things in life.

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